Privacy Policy

We have a very simple privacy policy. The main way we accomplish this is by collecting and saving only the necessary data to conduct business with you.

We treat your information with great care —

— We will NOT sell your information
— We will NOT Share your information – (Unless you give us your explicit permission to share with someone.)

To complete a transaction with you it may require us to send specific information to an organization outside our club.  The most common example of this is our merchant processor we use for credit card transactions.  However, the merchant processor collects this information directly and we do not store your credit card information anywhere.

Other examples; Tournaments, depending on the event we may have to share specific information like your score, or your big podium finish. This information is sent to the governing bodies of the event such as US Archery, NFAA, IBO, etc., which you are already a member if you participated in the event.

If we have to share your information with someone outside the club then we will tell you ahead of time so you may opt-out.