Member Benefits

  • 365-24-7 Access to the facility
  • Clubhouse with kitchen and restrooms
  • 18 lane indoor shooting range
  • 10-yard to 80-yard outdoor practice range
  • Outdoor Shooting Pavilion
  • Instructional 10/20/30 yard range
  • 13 acre outdoor woods course
  • 3 tree stands with walk-up stairs
  • Broadhead practice area

How to Join

Membership applications are available inside the clubhouse. Anyone interested in Archery is encouraged to apply. Membership requests are considered and voted upon at the start of each monthly meeting. Regular club meetings are held at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month. (If it happens to be a Holiday, then the meeting will be held the following Tuesday).

All new members will be probationary members for a period of two (2) years. During this period, these members cannot vote on constitutional and property provisions but all membership privileges shall remain the same.

All new members pay an initiation fee of $150.00 plus dues*, and must provide annual work-hours and participate in fundraising efforts. Presently our fund raising is through the sale of calendars.

Both initiation and dues are payable at the meeting that is held on the second Tuesday of each month. Membership includes your spouse and children (until the age 18) under the supervision and responsibility of the parent member of the Club.

We have many different membership options available:

Regular Membership

Memberships last until the end of the year.


  • January - June – $100 & 10 work hours
  • July - September – $50 & 6 work hours
  • October - November – $25 & 3 work hours
  • December (joining early for following year) – $100 & no hours for the current year (10 hours for the following year)


  • Pay $20 per work hour not completed by years end.
  • Sell or buy 3 calendars

Senior Membership (65 & older)

  • $50 & 5 work hours required (0 work hours after age 70)
  • Sell or buy 3 calendars

Lifetime Membership

  • $1000 one time fee & 5 work hours required
  • Sell or buy 3 calendars

Group Memberships

Good for up to 5 boy scouts, girl scouts, home-schooled children, etc. under age 18

  • See requirements for regular memberships above

Retired Memberships

Available for 20-year members aged 65 years

  • $5 and 0 work hours

Most club members are responsible for (10) hours of productive work a year. In the event these work hours are not completed the member is expected to pay $20.00 an hour for hours not worked. Failure to make arrangements to settle any missed hours may prevent the ability to renew a membership and subject the member to re-joining the club ($150 registration fee).

Work sheets must be filled out to receive credit for work.

As a member, you may bring guests and show them your club. They can shoot their bow with you, however, THIS IS FOR ONE TIME ONLY PER GUEST. In order to return, they must become a member.


Regular Club Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month

(If it happens to be a Holiday, then the meeting will be held the following Tuesday.)

Membership Form

Club Constitution