How to get started in Competitive Target Archery?

Junior Olympic Archery Development, or JOAD, is a nationwide program of USA Archery that provides kids and teens with ongoing archery classes that help you progress from beginner to advanced level archery at your pace. In JOAD, you’ll learn archery, form friendships, develop great life skills and build confidence in yourself.

Classes are held during 8-week sessions throughout the year with indoor sessions in the Fall and Winter, and transitioning to outdoor season with sessions in early and late Spring.  All of our instructors are certified by USA Archery, submit to background checks, are bound by USA Archery’s SafeSport requirements, and require recertification at regular intervals.

The New Castle Hundred Archery JOAD Team is known as the Diamondbacks. Team members range in experience and ability with archers that are new to competition, to archers that have shot in national tournaments. All are welcome at Delaware’s only USA Archery sanctioned JOAD Program.

Whether your child’s interest is local competitions, national recognition, or Olympic glory, USA Archery’s JOAD program is tailored to help the young archer achieve their goals.

How do I know if my archer is ready?

While we do not have tryouts for our JOAD team, archers should have some experience before joining, either through public classes or private lessons, both of which our JOAD coaches also do at the range.  Archers should be comfortable and grouping consistently shooting at 20 yards.  Interested archers are welcome to visit during a class and shoot with the team to see if they think it is something they would enjoy.  We look for young archers that like to be part of a supportive team, who are coachable, present, and eager to learn and compete.

Our Program

Our JOAD team hosts 8-week sessions 3-4 times a year. We do ask that each child purchase a team jersey, that includes the archers first name on front, last name across the back, and are designed to be worn at competitions.  They help build a sense of community and team and we ask archers to wear them at each class.

Our team also participates in USA Archery’s JOAD Pin program. Pins are awarded as archers reach scoring achievement for their indoor and outdoor distances. But the root of our program is based on creating strong goals, a plan to achieve those goals and rewarding them for those goals.

NC100 JOAD Costs:

●       $120 for each 8-week session

●       $47 for a team jersey (one time purchase unless size changes)

●       Annual USA Archery membership (Youth is $50, family is $150)

Competition Expenses:

Most competitions are affiliated with the governing bodies of archery. To participate in these competitions you must be a member of the affiliation. The dues for these are typically annual.

●       USA Archery membership listed above is required for some competitions

●       $25 NFAA Annual Membership (Youth under 17)

●       $35 - 50 – Competitions range in price, generally each competition has entrance fees associated with participation.

●       Any travel, lodging and food costs will need to be considered as well.

Other Costs:

Equipment is an important part of archery, and the expense will depend on the amount you are comfortable paying for. That being said, there is a wide array of equipment available for your young archer.  Our coaches will help you select the correct equipment for the level of shooting your archer is at today and the level to which they want to take the sport. If you already have equipment our coaches will help you select the proper settings for your equipment and make recommendations for new or additional equipment as necessary. Regardless of the equipment level your archer participates with, rest assured the real value is learning proper form and technique and that can be done on any equipment.

The Quest For More Pins

The quest for more pins… The JOAD program rewards the efforts and accomplishments of its archers through a “pin program”. Each archer is issued a lanyard, depending upon indoor/outdoor and the equipment type they use. As each archer obtains a higher score, they are rewarded with a higher color pin. The archers wear these lanyards attached to their hip quivers (arrow holder). Indoor / Outdoor / Recurve / Compound / etc. are all different color lanyards. The pins they earn are attached to the lanyard. This allows any archer to be recognized as to their level of mastery of the sport.

The program issues eight standard colored pins which are earned sequentially from: green, purple, grey, white, black, blue, red, and yellow. There are a total of twelve pins possible including: a six pointed pin that denotes six perfect bulls-eyes in a row, and the three traditional Olympic colors, bronze, silver, and gold.

Coaching Staff

We have four Level III-NTS Coaches, additionally we have two Level 2 Instructors on staff. Recreational and competitive archers are taught archery range safety, the basic steps of shooting and proper technique, tournament preparation, and other skills required to have success in the sport.

Helen Kim

US Archery Level III Coach  

Paul McCullough

US Archery Level III Coach
CPR Certified

Todd Porter

US Archery Level III Coach

Chris Wahl

Us Archery Level I Instructor


Athletes will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. SafeSport seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment for all participants. Through education, resources, and training, we help members of the sport community recognize, reduce, and respond to misconduct in sport. All of our instructors are SafeSport Certified.